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  • Medi-cone on Fusion TV

    Rolling Joints and Fighting Jeff Sessions

  • What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

    A Good Video on the History and Uses of Cannabis

  • CBD and Epilepsy

    How CBD in Cannabis is helping kids with Epilepsy

  • Dietary Benefits

    Evidence That Cannabis Contains Unique Dietary Essential Nutrients

  • THCV

    A quick description of only one of the many uses of THCV

  • The Science of Medical Cannabis

    A conversation with Dr. Donald Abrams, MD

  • Jack Herrer

    the Emperor of Hemp

  • Stoners coming out – beyond the marijuana monster myths | David Schmader | TEDxRainier

  • Medi-cone patient Testimonial

    Yvonne Westbrook White, Medi-cone patient

  • CBD Benefits

    Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)

  • Medi-cone at Crowdfunding Event

    Medi-cone's CEO, George Bianchini, describes his plans for the company's medicinal strain THCV.

  • Prohbtd

    Modern Grower Presents Master Grower Ed Rosenthal and Medi-cone CEO George Bianchini Trimming Cannabis

  • Understanding Cannabis as Medicine

    Home About Who We Are Get Involved Contact 'MEDICAL MARIJUANA: UNDERSTANDING CANNABIS AS MEDICINE' will be a useful and thorough film providing need-to-know information in an inviting manner for people turning to cannabis as medicine.